On-site Managed Services

Our labour services, your facilities

When there is a high volume of labour that is needed, either frequently or on a one-off basis, it can often work in your favour to have member of our team working on-site. This way, our services blend seamlessly into yours, while saving you the time and money of having to manage your labour needs yourself.

In order to provide the best service necessary, we get to know your company completely. Depending on your needs, we can manage inductions or follow your shift patterns and workforce, keeping and sharing any skills retained within your business.

A customised service

Each on-site service that we provide for our customers has been tailor made to suit their company and their needs. We will build a solution that works best for you, saving you any unnecessary expense.

At TMR, we have processes in place that not only help you to protect your company from complacency, but that helps you to build long-term relationships with your staff. Let us take care of:

  • Employing new members of staff
  • Staff retention
  • Finding staff with the right skills
  • Updating staff training
  • Improving staff legislation
  • Volume Workforce Recruitment
  • TUPE consultations
  • Ringfence skilled solutions

And let us give you more time to focus on other aspects of your company.

Looking further ahead

We don’t just focus on the present, we use our expertise to predict and look to the future, helping to prepare you and your staff for any changes that may arise. We will keep your company strong and prepared, working on-site with you for the best first-hand experience possible.

Whether we work across one department or many, we have the expertise and experience to help you improve your business.

Is an on-site labour specialist something you have considered? Contact us for more details to see how we can help you with your business – 0115 824 7777.