On-site Canteen / Catering Staff

Recruit staff that are a perfect fit for your catering position

Canteen and catering staff requirements are often the most varied. There is a wide range of skillset requirements within this industry and TMR has the experience to match the needs of the company with the skills of each potential employee.

What kind of staff are you looking for?

Whether you need temporary or permanent staff, TMR will assist you in finding a perfect fit for your company. We provide service that matches both skills and budget, offering you a selection of staff with the level of experience that you need.

We have the experience you need

Our CV checks, testing and interviewing process will save your company a lot of time and hassle. Our labour specialists are matched to the industry that you work in, and will share catering sector experience. They will be delivering you a high quality service with a mutual understanding of the high demands of your industry. TMR knows what kind of staff you need, and will offer you only the highest quality selection.

Looking after our staff

We are a recruitment company who cares. We care about the future of our contract staff, we offer full health checks and interview each potential employee face-to-face, ensuring that they are working towards their future goals and are a good match for your company. You are safe in our hands and so are the people we try to recruit.

Working with you

Are you looking for a labour solution that works seamlessly with your company? We also offer on-site recruitment opportunities, providing you with the ultimate convenience of working on-site and closely with your company.

Do you have any questions for us? Simply contact our team on 0115 824 7777 and we’ll be happy to help.