Right to Work

Visa, passport or document issues?

Unfortunately it’s becoming a popular occurrence that right to work documents are forged in some way. As a legal right, employees in the UK must present their employer with original documents, and the employer must check that they belong to the person who has given them.


We will help you to eliminate the risks of employing somebody illegally


At TMR, we make sure that each of our contract staff are fit and legally allowed to not only work in the UK, but for your company specifically. Some companies require employees to meet certain health regulations and we have medical professionals to ensure just that.

We take an employee’s right to work very seriously, and send all applications to the Home Office to be verified. Using the latest in technology, the Home Office will remove all possibility of visa control problems and uses passport recognition software, ensuring that each potential employee has the right to work with your company.

There are certain things that employers might miss on these documents, such as how many hours employees are allowed to work. TMR can take the hassle away, by supplying you with a choice of employees that have all met the right to work criteria. We will help you to eliminate the risks of employing somebody illegally.

If you have any queries about the legalities around an employee’s right to work, simply get in touch with our team on 0115 824 7777 and we will be happy to offer our services.