Vision and ethical practice

At TMR, we have core values that keep our team, our clients and their potential employees safe, happy and progressing efficiently within their career and company.

Core Values:

Professionalism: in all that we do.
Ethical: principles and stewardship.
Integrity: is embedded in our employees.
Teamwork: working and supplying as a team.
Ambition: striving to be the best.
Reliability: a business that cares.

It is important to us that our own team is just as happy as the people we recruit, and we like to share our values and vision to encourage others to do the same.

Below is a list of visions for each of these groups, our team, our clients and our contract staff. We hope they give you peace of mind.


Team Vision:

Job stability – We strive to provide a good working platform for all employees.
Goal-setting – It’s important to us to offer a fast paced and rewarding career.
Challenging work – We always provide our team with a diverse and challenging working environment.
Rewards – We believe that success should be rewarded with all employees.
Protection – To protect people and their interests by acting responsibly at work and in the community.


Client Vision:

Convenience – To provide jobs on the door-step.
Reputation building – To work with reputable companies.
Security – Growth & profitability.
Strong ethics – To operate ethical, commercial practices.
Efficiency – To implement efficient systems.
Building relationships – To create profit through building long-term relationships.
Sustainability – To support sustainable growth.
Partnerships – To provide employees a partnership with their employer.


Contract Staff Vision:

Find opportunities – To fill every job with the right person, at the right time.
Share communication – To listen, understand, respond and get results.
Quality processes – To do things the right way for the right reason.
Skill enhancement – To improve performance for our customers through improving their efficiencies.
Effective results – To get the job done right first time.

Ensuring our suppliers are as ethical as we are

As labour specialists, we have witnessed recruitment policies from all backgrounds and for a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves in practising what we preach, creating a fair and balanced trading policy that ensures that anybody we employ or find employment for, is treated well and cared for.

Taking good care of employees

At TMR, we take care of our own staff, putting ethical principles and good stewardship in place, and have made our trading criteria available for public viewing.

You can find our Ethical Trading Policy below, we also ask our suppliers to confirm in writing that their businesses are also built around this ethical criteria. We offer strong guarantees to our customers, ensuring with them that the services they receive from us have been ethically designed, managed and implemented.

Our Ethical Trading Policy

Take a read of our Ethical Trading Policy

If you have any questions regarding our services, vision or ethics, please get in touch with a member of our team on 0115 824 7777.