Striving for a fairer working world, for everyone

At TMR, we are truly passionate about companies who are fully compliant with regulation, because we are one of them.

“At TMR, ethical audits, health & safety and corporate social responsibility are our main priorities – along with the supply of quality personnel.”

We strongly believe in being fair to workers, because without them, what would your company be? We want to promote our compliance message throughout every company that we work with, because we believe in equal opportunities, in fair pay and above all, in a fairer future for workers.
Taylor Martin Recruitment Ltd ALP - 2017

The regulations and codes of professional practice that we follow mean that we are audited on issues such as:

  • Ethical audits
  • Health & safety
  • Food safety
  • Equal opportunities
  • Data protection
  • Training and induction
  • Complaints procedure
  • Work seeker registration
  • Work seeking services
  • Overseas workers
  • Temporary and permanent workers
  • Payments to and from the work seeker
  • Dealing with clients
  • Contracts with clients and work seekers
  • GLA
  • AWR
  • Working Time Directive
  • ETI Base Code
  • National Living Wage/Minimum Wage and all other aspects of compliance in line with EU legislation.

And we strive to excel in every category.

Whether employees are looking for full time work or temporary work, each of our compliance checks are the same. We always ensure that workers are fit to work, that it is legal for them to do so in the UK, and that they are paid fairly and on-time.

Our policies are kept up-to-date with regular audits and they keep our clients in very safe hands.

Do you have any queries about compliance, or would you like to know more about our compliance system? Contact us on 0115 824 7777 for more information and we’ll be happy to help.